Our Mission
The Mission Statement of the Three Valleys Foundation is to help contribute to a harmonious, human and sustainable development of pastoral and rural communities around the world.

In order to fulfill this Mission, the Foundation has identified four main complementary Objectives:

  • Education: promote mandatory education, improve education facilities.
  • Health: help to access medical care, prevention of diseases, improve health facilities.
  • Poverty Alleviation: enhance local sustainable and suitable development and economic activities, increase basic infrastructures (bridges, ditches, etc.), encourage natural resources alternatives (solar power units, biogas units, etc.)
  • Culture: encourage awareness of cultural identity.

The name "The Three Valleys Foundation" originates from a region located in the north of Yunnan Province, in south-west China, where three huge valleys are shaping a very powerful and unique environment. This is where the idea of the Foundation was first conceived in order to contribute find solutions to world problematique and develop an other way of thinking in order to change our world. This is where its first activities and Projects are taking place.

The Three Valleys Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-religious, non-political organization and is officially registered in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Foundation's China centre is based in Zhongdian (also called Xianggelila or Shangrila), in Yunnan Province. This Centre is located in a traditional Tibetan farm (see page Our Center), at 3272 m. above sea level. We are happy to welcome people and communities involved in our projects. In the Centre we host seminars, academics conducting research in those fields and individuals sharing the same vision and ideas as ourselves.

We are working closely with local governmental structures, community organizations, other NGOs and foundations, as well as academics involved in these fields and also individuals who share the same vision and principles.

We are also active in conducting assessments and consulting for various organizations having projects in relation with our Mission and Objectives.

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