How to participate?

The most direct way to assist the Foundation is to make a financial donation which will be used to support the projects (see below for bank accounts information). It is possible to specify which Objective you would like to see the donation spent on (if available). If not available, the donation will be used to support any current project. We will keep you informed, so you know how and were your donation is used.

By Swiss Law, the Three Valleys Foundation is tax exempt, as are the donations or turnover.
Any profits resulting from the activities (such as boutique, sales, etc.) must, by law, stay within the framework of the Foundation and will be reinvested in our projects. The Swiss Government regulators will carry out a financial audit every year of The Three Valleys Foundation.

Your donations will go directly to the projects for the communities.
There are no middlemen.
Our team is composed mainly of volunteers interested in our ideals.

Work as a volunteer for some projects:
It is possible for foreign or Chinese volunteers to work in some of our projects and in other activities.
We also welcome students in fields related to our Objectives and/or Projects to participate in teaching and to learn in the field. To know the currents volunteers possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Become an Official Partner of the Foundation and share our Logo:
Showing that you are concerned and responsible will bring to you many advantages (customers respect, government esteem, social responsibility, involvement in useful projects, possibilities to come and discover the region with us, etc.).

Create a fundraising group with your friends, organizing activities in schools, friends houses, municipal meeting places, etc. If you are serious about it, we will help you to organize and will provide appropriate materials you need to make your group visible and attractive. Contact us for the next step:

Visit us in Yunnan and come with us in the villages:
We welcome people involved or interested in our activities, who share our goals and are willing to contribute to the development of local communities.
Scholars, academics, NGO employees in related fields of education, health, poverty alleviation, alternative energy, culture, ethnology, geography, botany, etc. are also welcome to stay at our Center with us. We can provide lodging, local assistance, guiding and useful local contacts.

Cooperation with NGO, Foundations, etc:
We welcome and encourage cooperation with other NGOs, Foundations, and various Organizations.
Sharing projects is practical and allows every party to share ideas, which will improve our organization, and realize better projects.
As all the member of our team have a long experience in China, we also conduct assessments and consulting for various organizations having projects in relation with our Mission and Objectives.

Sponsor a student:
We are active in sponsoring students.
(for conditions and how to participate, go to: (Sponsor a Student)
Scholarships go to the neediest locations and students, as well as to the best students and teachers.

Charity parties:
Every year we organize charity parties to raise funds. During these parties, we sell beautiful and high quality products and the profit will go to our various projects. Enterprises and private individuals are strongly encouraged to participate.
Contact us to be informed.

Buy in selected stores:
We are signing contracts with some selected stores in Chinese cities, which will give a percentage of their profit to the Foundation.
In the future, they will also display and sell products made by the communities of the Three Valleys.
Selected stores addresses will be soon updated.

Donate equipment and clothes:
We appreciate some kind of equipment that can be used in the region for our various projects, for example school equipments such as used computers (still working properly), microscopes, recorders (still working properly), vehicles (motorbikes, cars, etc), agricultural equipment such as tractors, pumps, etc.
We also collect used clothes (please wash them before to send them). Avoid items such as high heel shoes (useless in the mountains), underwear, socks or garments already too broken. Remember that people like you will wear them.

For any question about the above topics, please call Jean-Luc FAZAN, President
China Yunnan Mobile: + 86 158 943 70930 or
China Shanghai Mobile: + 86 139 165 60635 or
Or by mail to:

Bank Accounts for donations or to participate in our Projects:

If you send money from China, we suggest you use the Chinese account of the Foundation.
Amounts should be sent in Renminbi only to:
Account name三江基金会
Bank name 中国农业银行 (Agricultural Bank of China)
Address 中国农业银行迪庆州分行康巴商城分理处
Account No 24160401040003614
If you wish to send the amount from abroad (outside of China), we suggest you to use the Swiss account of the Foundation. Please send the corresponding amount to:
Account name The Three Valleys Foundation
Account number 5181.31.90
IBAN CH32 0076 7000 L 5181 31 9 0
BIC (Swift code) BCVLCH2LXXX
Bank address BCV, Place St Francois 14, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland.
Foundation address c/o Fiduciaire Goldenschoue SA
Route d'Oron 2
1010 Lausanne, Switzerland
Tel: + 41 (0)21 652 99 21
If you wish to send money from Switzerland, you may need only the following information:
Account name The Three Valleys Foundation
Account number 5181.31.90
Clearing number 767
Bank address BCV, Place St Francois 14, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland.
Foundation address c/o Fiduciaire Goldenschoue SA
Route d'Oron 2
1010 Lausanne, Switzerland
Tel: + 41 (0)21 652 99 21

Do not forget to send us an email with the corresponding reference and amount and the desired scholarship or project.
We will follow up.

Please avoid to send attachment to emails, just plain text. Thank you.

For further information or question, please contact J-L Fazan in China at:
Tel: + 86 158 943 70930 or to
Tel: + 86 139 165 60635 or to

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