Our Logo

The Three Valleys Foundation, as well as its name and logo, has been thought and built on some strong concepts.

Please find below the meanings of our name and logo:

The very name "Three Valleys" has been thought first in Chinese before to be translated in English and French (Fondation des Trois Vallées)
The character 三 means “three”, but has also the wider sense of “several”, “many”, “numerous”. It represents the different people/ethnic groups living together in the region.
The character 江, meaning “river”, is composed of a left part, made of three drops of water 氵and of a right part 工 which, if isolated, means “work”, “project”, “skill”. Therefore it represents the environment (the different rivers which creates the unique environment of the region) and the different works in which the foundation will be active to implement its Mission.

As a whole the name means the different projects for the people of the world.

The logo is composed of three levels :

  • The lower level shows the Endless Knot, also called the Auspicious Knot. It is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of the Tibetan Buddhism where it means wisdom and devotion, as well as a very traditional auspicious symbol for the Chinese people.
    For the Foundation, it means the complementary unity of people, traditions, cultures and projects.
    This level is the world of concepts, symbols and ideas on which our endeavours find moral grounds and abstract basis.

  • The intermediate level portrays three mountains and represents our world with mountains, rivers, and human activities, where our projects are taking place. The three ranges represent also the three high ranges of the north Yunnan region. The highest in the middle designates the Mt. Kawagebo, called in Chinese Meilixueshan, the highest mountain of the Province (6742 m.) and one of the sacred mountains of the Tibetan people.

  • The higher level shows nine rays of sun. The number nine is the most powerful number in the Chinese culture, associated with the dragon, the Emperor and power.
    It represents the level of spiritual and executive power.

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