Our Potential Projects

Please see below the list of our potential future projects.

We are currently looking for Donators for the following projects.
Please contact directly Jean-Luc Fazan, President

• Geyading Water Pipes Project
Geyading village is located in the Yangla County. The lower part of the village is at 2600 m above sea level and the higher part at 3000m. Average annual income per person is about 200 USD. Villagers live on crops such as barley and maize. They also
To know more about the project or to see the pictures...
• Xianggelila Villages Products Shop Project
The handicrafts of the region are slowly disappearing because most of the shops sell cheap products made in big factories located outside of the region. For example, Tibetan carpets are made in Ningxia (north of China), Tibetan jewelry are coming from Nepal.
The project is to provide villagers an interesting financial opportunity in selling their hand made products. We will also source products form workshops managed by handicapped people.
The project is estimated at about 400'000 Rmb (~ 63'000 USD), including decoration, furniture, stock, rent, designer and sales salary for one year.
To see the full proposal or to participate, please contact Jean-Luc FAZAN, President. the3valleys@yahoo.com
• Water Resources Project, Namu Village
Namu Village is located just a hill away from the Tibetan Border. It takes 15 hours by jeep and 4 hours by foot to reach it. 189 villagers are living in a very poor and hostile environment. Climate is very dry and cold and water is rare. Because of lack of sufficent water pipes, the drinking water is very dirty, impacting strongly the health and life of the villagers. The aim of this project is to build 5 km of water pipes to bring clean water from the nearest river, as well as tanks and secondary water pipes within the village in order to provide clean water to every house. Budget is estimated at 180.000 Rmb.
This project is an urgency and we are searching for some donators to move quickly.
The proposal and summary of this project is still only in Chinese. For reference and more information, please go to the Chinese page of this project.
To see the full proposal or to participate, please contact J-L Fazan, President
• Deqin Shenping Wanxiao School Scholarship for Poor Student Project
Deqin is situated far in the mountains at 3300 m., near the Tibetan border. The population of 60.000 people is mostly composed of Tibetans farmers and nomads. The average yearly income is 600 Rmb per person. Main
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