Our Objectives

In order to fulfill its Mission, the Foundation has established the following main objectives where projects are proposed:

  • Education: promote mandatory and vocational education, improve education facilities.
  • Health: help to access medical care, prevention of diseases, improve health facilities.
  • Poverty Alleviation: enhance local sustainable and suitable development and economic activities, increase basic infrastructures (bridges, ditches, etc.), encourage natural resources alternatives (solar power units, biogas units, etc.)
  • Culture: encourage awareness of cultural identities.

Examples of Educational projects:

  • Construction and renovation of schools
  • Scholarships (primary, middle, and high school as well as university)
  • Vocational Education (basic computer courses, Tibetan, English and environmental courses)

Examples of Health projects:

  • Construction of basic clinics and health facilities
  • Promote traditional medicine (Chinese and Tibetan medicine)
  • Support itinerant doctors and veterinarians

Examples of Poverty Alleviation Projects:

  • Road building to open up some communities.
  • Ecotourism.
  • Install crossing cables and build suspended bridges.
  • Build infrastructures for access to water and drainage (ditches, pipes)
  • Promote natural resources alternatives (solar power, biogas units, etc.)

Examples of Cultural Projects:

  • Support local craftsmen (weaving, bronzes, sculptures, wood curving, etc.)
  • Help local craftsmen to sell their products

    See our page Our Projects for our current involvements.

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